Put on the carrier as an apron* – the Marsupi logo is on the outside and the warnings label is tucked away.

Make sure the carrier sits on your waist and not your hips.

– You’re wearing Marsupi at the correct height when you can easily give your little one a kiss on the head.


The materials we use are Oecotex 100 certified, the standard used for child safety in textiles.

Marsupi Classic is made from 100% Organic Cotton.

Marsupi Breeze, made especially for hotter days, is made from 60% Cotton and 40 % Linen. The fabric allows air to reach your baby and thus prevents overheating or excessive sweating.

The buttons used for the head-support are form PRYM, a world renowned manufacturer, they are nickel free and are hypoallergenic.

Washing Instructions

Always close hook and loop before washing.

Wash by hand using a baby detergent or use a gentle wash cycle at a maximum of 30°C with the hook and loop closed.

Do not iron.



Read all the instructions before using this carrier.

Constantly monitor your child and ensure the mouth and nose are unobstructed.

Ensure your child’s chin is not resting on its chest as its breathing may be restricted which could lead to suffocation.

For pre-term, low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, seek advice from a health professional before using this product.

To prevent hazards from falling ensure that your child is securely positioned in the carrier.

Never open waist belt while the baby is in the carrier. Always secure the baby when adjusting the belt!

Hook and loop fasteners must be kept clean and overlap at least 12cm (5 inches).

Use the headrest whenever necessary until the baby can support its own head.

Your movement and the child’s movement may affect your balance.

Be extra cautious when bending and leaning forwards or sideways.

This carrier is not suitable for use during sporting activities e.g. running, cycling, swimming and skiing.

The carer should be aware of the increased risk of your child falling out of the carrier as it becomes more active.

Regularly inspect the carrier for any signs of wear and damage. Do not use if damaged.

Keep this carrier away from children when it is not in use.

Only use the product for one child.

Be aware of hazards in the domestic environment e.g. heat sources, spilling of hot drinks.