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From our own experience with 3 children, we know how important it is to have a baby carrier that is comfortable for both the child and the parents. Keeping that in mind, we have been producing Marsupi® since 1996 in Romania with Swiss precision. A safe and trustworthy, but also a simple, functional and comfortable baby carrier that allows parents to keep their baby close to them starting from day one*. We are grateful to parents, distributors and specialists for the trust, cooperation and support they have given us all these years.

Marsupi offers better support than your own hands

Marsupi can be used with newborns*

Don’t take just our word for it

Marsupi has been tested along with other baby carriers and has repeatedly scored among the best.

Parents think so as well

Printre nori

A wonderful baby carrier, which supports the baby in the correct way, made with organic cotton and very comfortable for the wearer. And to my surprise is made in Romania!


What surprised me at first was its size. It’ so compact and easy to fit into a bag in order to always have it handy. Then I noticed the texture, very pleasant to the touch, soft and malleable. The fastening is done with hook and loop, it’s mounted extremely quickly, and it immediately takes the shape of the body. It’s amazing how light the baby feels in it, and how comfortable it feels on my back.

Mum blog

It’s the first baby carrier that gives you total freedom of movement, which was very important to me. Marsupi allowed me to continue my day to day activities and carry the baby at the same time. Marsupi allowed me to continue my day to day activities and carry the baby all at the same time.

Marsupis sold until January 2021

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Top 5
Placement in the 0-6 Months category for baby carriers.

marsupi mini

Marsupi Mini doll carrier is the perfect gift for the older sibling. When the parent is carring the new family member, the older sibling can be a part of this new experience by wearing one of his or her doll or stuffed animal.
Available in the colours Ocean Blue and Ruby Red. For children between ages of 2 and 8. One size, fits a waist up to 60 cm.

WARNING! Marsupi Mini doll carrier is a toy meant to be used with other toys. Do not use Marsupi Mini for wearing children or live animals.